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City Pop is a start-up powered by ARTISA GROUP, which has fifty years of experience in the construction industry. From generation to generation, Artisa has established itself at the top of the Swiss real estate sector with transparency and reliability, demonstrating the strength and professionalism of its entire team.

Artisa Group has always invested in the talent of young professionals eager to grow and improve. Their individual skills are valued, so that each employee becomes an active agent of progress and innovation. The differentiated approach to project development is reflected in the diversity of professional profiles collected from within the team. Architects, engineers, designers, lawyers and financial experts work together to finalize the best possible results.


We believe there is one team, with one mission: to create the most desired home base for smart people.

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If you want to challenge the status quo, if your business has the mindset of a disruptive and innovative start-up and if you have an outstanding and innovative offering, let’s have a chat!


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We aims to create a community throughout Europe in major capitals and cities that stand out for important research centres and areas of industrial, financial or commercial interest.
We are looking for existing objects or building land with a Gross Floor Area of at least 2’500 m2, lively creative neighborhood in central locations and easily accessible by public transportation.



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If you believe sharing is better than owning, experiences are better than products and current housing solutions need to be challenged, then contact us!


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