Hi! How can
we help you?

Hi! How can
we help you?

General info

City Pop is a smart living concept made of competitively priced and flexible serviced apartments, with an extensive range of on-demand services, all manageable through the City Pop App.

We have 2 buildings in Zurich and we are also in Lugano, Lausanne, Bern and Geneva, but soon you’ll find us also all over Europe. Check in the City Pop App when our next City Pop locations will be opening!

City Pop is the perfect solution for smart people like you. From international entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, students to free movers in general. But also for people who are searching for practical, competitively priced, fully served and flexible apartments, whether for work, study or lifestyle reasons.

The minimum period is 4 weeks, the maximum 52 weeks; as we are pretty sure you will stay longer, you may extend your booking through the App if your Pop is still available (you can extend few months prior the deadline or the soon the better as our apartments are highly requested), or you can make a new booking depending on our Pops’ availability.

The Pops’ average size is between 21 and 60 m2, depending on the type and layout of the rooms. In this way City Pop satisfies the needs of both the shorter and longer stays.

No, it’s not permitted. Due to the frequent turnover of guests, we prefer to leave the smoke outside our Pops for hygienic and cleaning reasons.

No. Despite our love for animals, they are not allowed in our Pops. This due to the same reasons why it is not allowed to smoke inside: hygiene, frequent turnover and allergies.

Yes, City Pop’s buildings provide Pops specifically designed for people with limited mobility through ramps and easy access to spaces.

Sure, City Pop provides you the possibility to book a stand-alone visit. You can book through the App a slot for a stand alone visit, under the search section, on the bottom of the page. You will have 20 minutes to have a look in one of our Pops and accessing it with the digital key in your App. The app will offer the option of the book a visit only when we have free Pops.


We power our Pops with a wide range of comforts included: utilities expenses, a fast and private Wi-Fi, Smart TV (Serafe excluded), a fully furnished kitchen with a complete kitchen inventory, a queen-size bed with luxury mattress, bed sheets, towels and pillows. Moreover, you can get a criossant and coffee every morning in our Food Corner area.

We power our Pops with a wide range of on-demand comforts: cleaning service, parking, laundry, storage box, and depending from the location of the building, City Pub, cinema, co-kitchen, gym, music room, car&bike sharing and food delivery. Benefit of the comfort you need, when you need it. All prices for the on-demand comforts are visible in our App.

Everything you might need is bookable through our City Pop App. You can book a comfort during the booking phase as also during your stay. Go to the dedicated section (second page of the home section) to discover them and customize your experience.

Cleaning services are on-demand and you can add them to your booking at any moment. We have different cleaning services with different schedule: every 2 weeks, every week or one-shot cleaning. For further information about the price, have a look in the apposite section in the City Pop App (second page of the home section).

Wi-Fi is like air and we take this very seriously here at City Pop. We make sure you have a private and super fast Wi-Fi connection. This comfort is included in the price.

The vast majority of our buildings are offering a parking space as an on-demand comfort. If the building is offering this comfort, it can be booked directly throught the City Pop App.

Every building has a fancy laundry space equipped with washing&dryer machines (detergents excluded). You are able book the washing&drying cycles directly in the App under the comforts section, and the payment is charged directly to your credit card.


The Pops are bookable exclusively through our app: in the search section, choose the city and the booking period, as a result you will see all our availabilities for your selection. In case all our Pops are taken for the time frame inserted, you will see a note on the upper right corner indicating the first date available, making it easier for you to plan your stay accordingly.

A cancellation is a priori not possible after your booking, but for any inquiries feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to find a solution.

Sure, if your Pop is available, you can extend your stay through the App: go in the booking section under your profile, choose the booking you want to extend and don’t wait for it! Given we are facing high demand and sometimes the waiting time can be up to different months, we always encourage our guests to extend asap the need arises. If your Pop shouldn’t be available, you can book a new Pop.

Check-in is always on Thursday. Starting from 5 pm to 8 pm you can have direct access to your Pop. Some days before your check-in you will receive all needed information. Everything is designed for a quick and self check-in through few simple steps in the App.

Very simple! You will self check-in through few simple steps using the digital key in your App to open the doors. You will be guided step by step in the App. Then, the only thing you have to do is to follow the process in the App to confirm whether your flat is exactly as it should be. You have 24 hours to carry out the checks, at the end of this period your flat will be marked as “in order” and it will not be possible to report non-conformities. Don’t forget to keep the push notifications active on your phone to make this step easier.

Within 10 AM of the day of your check-out you are asked to leave the apartment and take off all your personal belongings, so that we can prepare it for the next guest. Some days before your check-out you will receive through the App the guidelines to prepare the check-out.

You will check-out autonomously by following few quick steps in the App, you will just have to leave the Food corner badge, mailbox key and eventual key card in your Pop. Some days before your check-out you will receive through the App the guidelines to prepare the check-out. Don’t forget to keep the push notifications active on your phone to make this step easier.

You can register an additional guest during the booking phase, after making a booking or when your booking is on-going. In case you want to add it after you did the booking or during your stay, go in the apposite section in the App. Adding an additional guest is only necessary if he/she lives permanently with you. Visits are not needed to be reported.

Since the price of the Pop doesn’t change depending on the number of people who are living in it, if you’re checking in with an additional guest, the Pop remains equipped as its standard. Additional items can be always be requested on demand with an extra charge, just drop us a message and we will be happy to fullfill your requests.

The App

The City Pop App is the heart of your unforgettable experience with us. You can manage your entire stay at City Pop, including all the booking phase (from creation, management and payment of your stay). With the App you’ll safely access both the building and your Pop. But most of all, with the App you’ll be able to discover and benefit from all the available on-demand comforts.

We have a 24/7 emergency number in case of any inquiries.
There is also the possibility of having one or more physical badges in addition to the opening with your smartphone, contact us for more information.

Payment & Conditions

The payment process is integrated into the City Pop App. This allows you to manage and control all your activities from one device. To book a Pop, the only payment method available is via Credit Card.

Only credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Visa or Mastercard Debit.

The first prepayment has to be done in order to conclude your booking. The amount of the prepayment depends on the lenght of your booking:
– For booking from 4 to 8 weeks: prepayment of the entire booking
– For booking longer than 8 weeks: prepayment of the first 4 weeks and last 4 weeks of your booking
In addition, you will prepay the end cleaning and a deposit of 200 CHF.

The payment is automatically charged to your credit card every 4 weeks.

The deposit of 200 CHF will only cover small damages to the inventory in the apartment. You will remain liable for all damages in the Pop during your stay.

If after your check-out nothing in your Pop is damaged or missing, we will refund you the deposit of CHF 200.- within 30 days from your check-out.

You can change the credentials of your credit card in the City Pop App under the payment section in your profile. The new added payment method will be valid for the future payments

All paid invoices can be downloaded in the payment section under your profile in the City Pop App

Registration & Mail

Each Pop has its private mailbox near the main entrance. Your name will be placed on your mailbox from the day of your check-in and for your entire stay. To receive your mail, you will just need to write your name, apartment number and building address.

Yes, after your booking you will receive a confirmation of stay that you can download directly in the App, under your profile in the bookings section. With this document in your hands, you will be able to register at the City’s authorities.

Yes. If you have registered an additional guest we will place also his/her name on the mailbox and he/she will also get the confirmation of stay.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Feel free to contact us!