Terms & Conditions

The following terms represent the contract between guests and City Pop AG (“City Pop”). Guests agree to read, electronically confirm, and thereby declare that they have understood and agree to all terms and conditions contained herein prior to concluding any contract. If you have any questions, please contact the City Pop Customer Service.

1. City Pop

1.1. City Pop AG, Bernerstrasse Süd 169, 8048 Zürich („City Pop“).
1.2. City Pop provides living spaces (“Pops”) with fixed comforts included plus additional comforts available for an extra fee.
1.3. City Pop reserves the right to check the creditworthiness of guests within the usual scope. By making a booking enquiry with City Pop, guests give their consent to this. City Pop can also ask the guest to submit reports from credit reference agencies.
1.4. Any enquiries and notices made to City Pop, in particular any request for approval to accept an additional guest or a replacement guest, must be e-mailed to City Pop as early as possible. City Pop will process and respond to such requests within five working days, except in case of obvious emergency.
1.5. Communications between guests and City Pop must be made via the App and comply with the provisions of these terms and conditions. In exceptional cases, communication via e-mail is also acceptable.
1.6. Extra guests or replacement guests must meet the same requirements and provide the same proof by e-mail as required for ordinary guests.
1.7. City Pop and its representatives have the right to enter the Pop when the guest is present within the course of their duties. In case of emergency or other justifiable reasons (e.g. cleaning), the Pop may be entered without the guest’s presence.
1.8. The City Pop Angels (member of the City Pop Team) are allowed to enter the apartments, when inhabited, for example to adjust the temperatures and change the setting of the heating. City Pop will inform in advance the guest through email or App when a City Pop Angel will enter the Pop. In order to ensure the safety and the comfort of the customer, the City Pop Angel are in charge for the care and protection of objects installed inside the Pop.

2. Guests

2.1. Guests are the actual temporary occupants of the Pop. Depending on the size of the space, the guest may use it alone or with registered companions and children. Each adult and child counts as one person.
2.2. At the time of booking, guests must indicate in full the number of persons who will be temporarily occupying the Pop. Guests must disclose the personal details of any companions truthfully and upload their ID cards.
2.3. Guests are obliged to complete the booking request completely and truthfully and upload a scan/photo of a valid, official document (passport or identity card, including any applicable visas). For ID cards that do not use the Latin alphabet, a translation must be included. This obligation applies to all guests, including replacement and/or additional guests.
2.4. The e-mail address given by guests when booking must be used for further messages relevant to the booking between the guest and City Pop, in as far as the communication does not have to be done via the app. Messages from other, unknown, or unreported e-mail addresses will not be accepted as being from the guest. Guests must provide City Pop with notice of any change to their e-mail address via the app without delay.
2.5. If the personal status of the guest, the additional guest or the replacement guest or the companion guest, or the other information on the booking request (addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contact details, etc.) change during the stay, the guest must report this City Pop without delay.
2.6. Misrepresentation during and after the booking or the violation of reporting obligations by the guest for additional guests, replacement guests and any companions are considered to be breaches of contract and entitle City Pop to terminate the contract immediately.

3. Visitors

Visitors are persons who spend more than one day in the Pop, and only stay occasionally overnight. Such visitors do not need to be reported to City Pop.

4. Additional and replacement guests

4.1. The reserved Pop may be used by no more than the number of persons indicated and approved by City Pop in advance. The number of persons is the maximum number of persons who can live in the Pop. Each adult and child counts as one person. The guest is obliged to disclose the personal details of companions, including ID card upload to City Pop, prior to moving in.
4.2. Additional guests
4.2.1. Additional guests are those who stay longer than two weeks in the Pop.
4.2.2. Guests are obliged to register the additional guest within the booking process in the dedicated section, or by e-mail at least five working days in advance, except in case of obvious emergency.
4.2.3. The guest will provide the email address of the additional guest. The additional guest then sets up her/his account by registering his/her own personal details in the app (provide valid ID document, actual address, phone number etc.). Doing this, she/he agrees to the terms and conditions, privacy policy of City Pop.
4.2.4. Registering an additional guest through the App, entitles the additional guest to have digital access to the Pop and to the common spaces of the building from check-in day, or from the activation of the additional guest if this is done during the booking, till the end of the booking. The guest can revoke at any time the additional guest: doing so, the rights to access are also revoked.
4.2.5. The additional guest will access the City Pop App with her/his personal login data using her/his device. She/he will have the digital access to the Pop and to the common spaces of the building, whereas the credit card registered by the guest is not registered as default in the additional guest’s account. For doing payments, for example for booking the laundry service, the additional guest must add a credit card. Furthermore, the additional guest can’t add or deactivate comforts in the booking, only the guest has this right.
4.2.6. The guest is responsible to add or revoke an additional guest at any time during the booking process or during the booking period. City Pop is not entitled to add or revoke an additional guest.
4.2.7. Both the guest and the additional guest have the right to do the check-in process on the check-in day, but only one of the two can do it. Once the guest did the check-in process, the additional guest can’t do it anymore, and viceversa. After the check-in process is done, both the guest and the additional guest have access to City Pop.
4.2.8. The main guest remains liable for all payments related to the bookings.
4.2.9. The admission of additional guests is subject to the prior approval of City Pop.
4.2.10. Charging additional guests or other persons to stay in the Pop is not allowed.
4.2.11. If guests charge the additional guests to stay in the Pop, this constitutes a serious breach of contract, which will lead to immediate termination of the contract and eviction/repossession of the Pop. Guests will then still owe City Pop the fee for the entire booked period.
4.3. Replacement guests
4.3.1. Replacement guests are persons temporarily using the living space instead of the guest.
4.3.2. Guests are obliged to notify City Pop of any replacement guests by e-mail at least five working days in advance.
4.3.3. The temporary transfer of the living space to a replacement guest for a fee, with later return of the guest and departure of the replacement guest, requires the prior approval of City Pop.
4.3.4. Guests are obliged to inform City Pop concerning the amount they are charging the replacement guest in the e-mail request for approval.
4.3.5. The money paid by the replacement guest may be the pro rata booking price of the guest or in proportion to the length of stay in accordance with the daily average price booked and paid by the guest.
4.3.6. City Pop is entitled to have the replacement guest confirm the payment amount reported by the guest, and the replacement guest is obliged to disclose the payment amount actually paid to the guest.
4.3.7. If guests are demanding a higher daily rate from the replacement guest than they are paying City Pop, this constitutes a justified reason for the immediate termination of the contract with immediate eviction and repossession of the living space.
4.3.8. Advertising a Pop through any type of advertisment and using photos owned by City Pop is not allowed and violates the copyright and trademark rights.

5. Bookings for third parties

Third-party bookings for a guest are possible provided that the third party is related to, or responsible for, the guest. Other bookings from third parties for any other guests are not allowed.

6. Overview of guest reporting obligations

Each guest is required to provide City Pop with the following documents, even if not expressly requested by City Pop, including all necessary information:

6.1. Name changes, reissued ID etc.;
6.2. Change in number of occupants (comings and goings);
6.3. Companions (life partner, children);
6.4. Additional guests;
6.5. Replacement guests;
6.6. Items missing upon move-in, such as furniture, installations, equipment, textiles, etc. If no missing items are announced within the terms dictated by City Pop at check-in, the guest consents to the condition of the flat and is responsible for it until check-out.
6.7. Damage to the Pop or items. If no damages are announced within the terms dictated by City Pop at check-in, the guest consents to the condition of the Pop and is responsible for it until check-out.

7. Fixed contract period

7.1. The booking is for a Pop for a fixed contract period, as specified in the offer, but for a maximum of 52 weeks, subject to specific written agreements with City Pop.
7.2. The extension of a booking for the same Pop is not possible. Guests may book another space, if available. An early extension of the booking is recommended.
7.3. After a reconfirmed reservation, the customer is obliged to pay the full amount of the booked stay.
7.4. Even if guests do not take possession of or move into the Pop, they remain obligated to pay the full amount of the booking, regardless of when City Pop was informed of the cancellation of the booking in full or in part, or of their premature departure.
7.5. Payments for longer and extended stays are set to recur every four weeks on Thursday to ensure a consistent billing cycle. However, occasional deviations may occur due to extensions. Both the payment amount and due date are binding, and the due date cannot be changed.
7.6. In the event that guests do not take possession of the Pop, this will remain available to them for the period for which payment has already been received. The Pop will subsequently be released for further assignment to other guests. The release of the Pop does not relieve the guest of the obligation to pay for the remaining booking period in full.
7.7. A refusal to permit guests to enter and/or stay in the country where City Pop is does not constitute a reason for a termination without payment. The total booking price remains owed by the guest and must be paid.
7.8. The special offers supplied from time to time may not be cancelled and refunded to the guest.

8. Purpose

8.1. The booking is for a Pop for a fixed number of people which must not be exceeded, with fixed additional comforts.
8.2. The booking entitles the guest to use the booked accommodation and the comforts included.
8.3. A unilateral waiver of included comforts will not reduce the fees owed.
8.4. The Pop must be used exclusively for residential purposes.
8.5. Commercial activities are not permitted in the living space that cause additional passenger or goods traffic, including paid counselling services, paid tutoring, paid training and courses, wellness services (massages, sexual services, etc.) and permanently installed business operations with passenger and/or freight traffic.
8.6. It is expressly prohibited to offer sexual services, regardless of the level of payment.
8.7. if not stated otherwise, we assume that the apartment does not serve as domicile within the meaning of art. 23 of Swiss Civil Code.
8.8. The address of the location may not be used as a company address, except in individual cases following prior request where City Pop has specifically approved those individual cases.
8.9. The general facilities at the individual City Pop properties can be viewed on the website or via the app. City Pop does not guarantee the availability of in-house, general facilities at any time (i.e. there could be maintenance, repairs, changes to the facilities at short notice, etc.). Guests are required to read the information about the comforts offered by the chosen premises carefully.

9. Comforts included in the price

9.1.1. Heating, electricity, water hot and cold, are included in the price, except for excessive consumption.
9.1.2. Water and electricity are intended for use by the guest(s) and any accompanying persons and may not be made available to third parties from outside the building.
9.1.3. Commercial use of water and electricity is prohibited.
9.2.1 Each Pop has Wi-Fi, Smart TV (with a standard selection of national TV channels, which can be unilaterally adjusted without permission), furniture, including customary mattress and bedding (pillows and blankets), bathroom, kitchen / kitchenette with customary amenities (crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils), home textiles “HATEX” (bath and hand towels, kitchen towels, bed linen).
9.2.2. Where facilities are available for all guests, a “first come, first served” principle applies. The right to use such facilities is not exclusive and can only be made subject to availability.
9.2.3. The in-house, general facilities are intended exclusively for guests, their registered companions and for registered additional guests. Third parties from outside the building, or non-resident friends or associates of the guest are not entitled to regular use. Regularity is assumed to be more than one use per week by the same person from outside the house. In-house facilities freely available to third parties are excluded from the usage restriction.
9.2.4. The in-house localities (common areas etc.) are to be used exclusively for standard leisure activities. For example, no political or religious events are to be held.
9.2.5. The voluntary non-inclusion in the price of included comforts does not entitle the guest to a price reduction.
9.3. Wi-Fi
9.3.1. City Pop’s free Wi-Fi includes high-speed Internet access and unlimited data usage.
9.3.2. City Pop provides a standard provider service. Reliable data or guarantees are not possible for the data transmission speed, since this depends on factors over which City Pop has no influence (general network and network utilisation within and outside of the building). The data rates reported by advertisers in advertising are maximum performance promotions, not real-world speeds.
9.4. HATEX
9.4.1. HATEX includes household textiles, such as bed linen, kitchen towels, towels, bath towels. The household textiles are the property of City Pop AG. The household textiles must be returned at the check-out in the same status as they were delivered at the check-in.
9.4.2. It is possible to acquire more HATEX for an additional charge.
9.5. ZMO
9.5.1. The breakfast included in the booking price is called ZMO.
9.5.2. The guest is entitled to the daily consumption of a standard breakfast in the Self-Service ZMO.
9.5.3. The ZMO is available at the vending machines available in every City Pop property.
9.5.4. A chargeable, additional purchase of food and drinks or any other consumables may also be paid for, according to the existing offer.
9.5.5. Not consuming ZMO does not entitle the guest to a price reduction.
9.5.6. For every flat one ZMO per day is included.
9.6. COZI
9.6.1. In-house common areas and other locations, COZI, which are available free of charge at the respective City Pop location, are not for the guests’ exclusive use.
9.6.2. Which in-house, general facilities the individual City Pop properties have and what the special conditions of use are (binding house rules and/or leaflet), can be looked up on the website or via the app.
9.6.3. The terms and use of the common areas specific to each City Pop and made available to guests are regulated in the City Pop internal regulation “How to join the City Pop Tribe”.
9.7.1. Each living space has a lockable MAILBOX in the main entrance area.
9.7.2. The inscription of the MAILBOX is carried out exclusively by City Pop.
9.7.3 The guest is responsible for taking delivery of the mail intended for him/her. City Pop has no responsibility for the delivery of mail to the guest or to supervise the delivered mail.
9.7.4 After checking out, the guest is responsible for announcing the change of address in good time. Mail delivered in your name to City Pop’s address after your check-out has no guarantee of being delivered or forwarded to your new address. This mail has to be considered lost.
9.8. HODIN
9.8.1. HODIN is the assumption of delivery costs for meals ordered and paid for.
9.8.2. HODIN only applies if the order is placed with City Pop partners listed in the app. The guest only pays for the meal ordered.
9.8.3. Ordering food from non-City Pop partners is subject to HODEX (see 10.7)
9.9. Mr. Pop
9.9.1. The person in charge of the building locally is called Mr. Pop and can be contacted through the telephone number of the City Pop Support Line, indicated in the entrance to each building.
9.9.2. For repair inquiries, questions about a particular object, for the services and for other, use-relevant questions, if the app does not provide sufficient information or contact possibilities, the in-house service of Mr. Pop is at your disposal.
9.9.3. Mr. Pop is usually available between 08:30 and 12:00 and between 14:00 and 16:00. In emergencies, the City Pop Support Line can be contacted directly via the telephone number specific for each building/or the rescue and emergency services can be contacted (medical service, police, fire brigade etc.). The intervention timing depends on the availability of Mr. Pop.
9.10.1. The contractual and/or legal rights of recourse of the liability insurer to the person(s) responsible are unaffected. Further information on the insurance conditions can be viewed via the app.
9.10.2. The guest, their companion, the additional or replacement guest or the person causing the damage(s) are liable to City Pop for damaged or destroyed inventory items. The person causing the damage must pay the replacement or repair costs, including the cost of their own repair management (City Pop’s own costs plus external costs of the repair company). City Pop may, at its sole discretion and without any legal obligation, propose a flat-rate payment (e.g. the retail or goodwill price or similar), in order to simplify and speed up the settlement of claims.
9.10.3. City Pop guarantees the operation of the various installations (Internet, Smart TV, electrical/hydraulic connections, etc.), the inventory and the flat itself, as supplied when the flat is handed over to the client. Modifications of any kind to the aforementioned installations that are not authorised or not carried out directly by City Pop, exempt City Pop from its responsibility for the resolution of such modifications. Any interventions (internal or external to City Pop) for the resolution of problems caused by such modifications will be charged to the person responsible. The flat, inventory and installations of City Pop are subject to the conditions of correct and lawful use.
9.11.1. Under the function “Around you” of the App, listed partners that are specific and personalized for each location, are mentioned.
9.11.2. The listed services are handled and offered by external partners of City Pop.
9.11.3. The listed partners and consequently the listed services may change at any time without notice.

10. Additional comforts requiring payment

10.1 The range of additional services is different depending on the location of the City Pop property. Paid additional comforts are provided exclusively to order. For individual additional comforts, a long-term booking is possible, e.g. with cleaning services SMARTCLEANING, EXTENSIVECLEANING, OTEX or PSPACE. The App is to be used for the order. The payment is to be made via the credit card of the guest at the time of the order or the booking of the additional service. For any problems when booking an additional service, contact the Customer Care of City Pop.
10.2.1. The general cleaning is called SMARTCLEANING and can be booked with the booking request and/or during your stay via the app.
10.2.2. How and when the apartment will be cleaned by the staff, will be communicated to the guest on site or from Customer Care. If the guest does not indicate a preference for a specific cleaning day, City Pop will organise the service basing on the weekly plan.
10.2.3. The cleaning staff are also authorised to enter in the absence of the guest.
10.2.4. In order to carry out SMART CLEANING effectively, the surfaces to be cleaned must be kept free as far as possible.
10.2.5. SMART CLEANING represents the “basic cleaning” of the living space. It is a general cleaning, which includes vacuuming, dusting, bathroom and toilet cleaning and floors, but not the cleaning of excessively heavy soiling, not washing dishes and kitchen utensils, no specific clean-up and no waste disposal.
10.2.6. Additional, more frequent, thorough cleaning or specific cleaning requests (e.g. window or refrigerator cleaning) are called EXTENSIVE CLEANING and can be booked via the App or via e-mail.
10.2.7. During the service booking process, the conditions for the provision of the service will be displayed.
10.2.8. City Pop has the right to charge additional costs if the Smart Cleaning requires more time than planned to be carried out efficiently, caused by the condition in the apartment (surfaces not free, etc.).
10.3.1. Cleaning services additionally ordered by the guest are called EXTENSIVE CLEANING and can be booked by the App.
10.3.2. The catalogue of home cleaning services and the respective prices and terms and conditions can be requested via the app or via e-mail.
10.3.3. City Pop has the right to charge additional costs if the Extensive Cleaning requires more time than planned to be carried out efficiently, caused by the condition in the apartment (surfaces not free, etc.).
10.4 Final Cleaning
10.4.1 The final cleaning is obligatory and the cost will be charged to the client along with the cost of booking the Pop. These costs will be shown separately in the booking price. At the time of check-out, if the apartment is in an improper condition (dirt, rubbish) that requires more intensive cleaning than expected, City Pop reserves the right to make the guest responsible for the aforementioned additional cleaning costs.
10.5. OTEX
10.5.1. Washing and cleaning services, OTEX, are for personal clothes and laundry, which can be booked by app.
10.5.2. The catalogue and the respective prices and terms and conditions can be requested by the app.
10.6. OWASH
10.6.1. Self-service washing machines and tumble dryer, OWASH, are available in the building. These facilities can be used by every guest.
10.6.2. Terms of use, prices, payments method and instructions for use are available locally or though the App.
10.7. HODEX
10.7.1. Paid home delivery service for food, HODEX, is ordered by the app from non-partner suppliers of City Pop and delivered to the living space. Since the order is not made by City Pop partners, the transport costs are to be paid by the guest (for home delivery service offers without additional transportation costs see HODIN).
10.8. KELIX
10.8.1. The storage room KELIX, can be booked for the entire duration of the stay or for a shorter period for a charge.
10.8.2. A booking without accommodation being booked at the same time is not usually possible.
10.8.3. KELIX may not be used for residential purposes or other leisure activities (craft room, laboratory, growing plants, etc.).
10.9. COKI
10.9.1. Depending on the City Pop location, a common room, COKI, may be available, equipped with kitchen and useable by guests for sociable meals. Parties can be booked via the app.
10.9.2. The possibility of booking COKI depends on the respective availability, which cannot be guaranteed.
10.9.3. COKI includes kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, which must be used carefully and returned completely, undamaged and in a clean condition after use (see the leaflet, which is binding).
10.10. INWELL
10.10.1. Depending on the City Pop location, wellness options, INWELL, may be available, which can be composed of a gym, solarium, sauna, massages, body treatments, etc. according to the respective City Pop property facilities or those of existing providers.
10.10.2. The terms of use and payment are usually device-related or directly with the supplier.
10.11. INWO. Depending on the City Pop location, in-house workplaces and boardrooms, INWO, are available to business people and are for business use only.
10.12. Parking spaces. Parking spaces are available for vehicles, depending on the City Pop location, which can be booked if available.
10.12.1. Depending on the City Pop location, internal or external parking spots can be booked.
10.12.2. A booking without accommodation being booked at the same time is not usually possible.
10.12.3. It is not allowed to stock personal items on a parking spot. Car or motorcycle are the only vehicles permitted.
10.13. Cancellation terms of additional services
10.13.1 The additional comforts, such as cleaning service, storage and parking, have a cancellation term of eight weeks, starting from the first cancellation term. For bookings of a duration less than eight weeks, no cancellation term of additional services is possible.
10.13.2 The request to cancel a booking must be a written request to the Customer care of City Pop and is effective only after written confirmation from City Pop.
10.14. COKINO
Depending on the City Pop location, cinema option, COKINO, may be available, which is equipped as a cinema, useable by guests (projector, seats, etc.). Availability can be booked via the app. Beside the final cleaning costs that are mandatory, basing on the cinema offer, additional costs could arise and will be communicated in the booking phase.
10.15. City Pub
Depending on the City Pop location, the City Pub area may be available. The guest can add this service during the stay. The prices are listed in the comfort section. The price depends on the location and on the services offered in the City Pub of a specific location. By subscribing the City Pub comfort, the guest is entitled to invite external friends and guests to the area. Additional costs could arise.
10.16. General
City Pop is an international accommodation chain, which operates in various countries in the field of Micro-living. In its expansion, City Pop is constantly improving its concept. It may be that some properties have certain comforts and services and others do not. As well as the presence of co-living rooms is not guaranteed in every location. The amenities and co-living areas are listed during the booking phase of the Pop. Some co-living spaces might partially be accessible or not at all, basing on the season, as for example terrace or garden. The guest will have an overview about the whole offer of a specific building during the booking phase.

11.Booking process

11.1. Guests wishing to stay in a City Pop property will be informed by the app about the availability of Pops. If you are interested in a booking, you can download the free app, select the desired Pop and proceed with the booking. Through the app, the guest can discover the living space, the fixed additional comforts, the additional comforts and the conditions of use. After taking note of this information and general terms and conditions, the guest confirms the booking with the payment due.
11.2. After completing the booking application, including uploading the ID card copy, the guest submits the application to City Pop, who confirm receipt of the application and the estimated processing time. The guest will later receive a booking confirmation and an app access code if the processing of his application has resulted in a positive decision, or be informed of the stay being declined. Prospective guests do not have the right to discover the reasons for declining their booking.
11.3. The information provided by the guest with the application will be processed and stored in accordance with the legal provisions and will be destroyed later, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. No information is passed to third parties. Any notification to authorities, etc. is made in accordance with the statutory provisions. By clicking on the privacy button, the guest confirms that he/she has taken note of and agrees to the detailed privacy policy attached to the end of these terms and conditions.
11.4. With the booking confirmation, the booking becomes legally binding. The first payment is due immediately. The Pop will not be provided if the first payment has not been received in a way that cannot be recalled and according to the booking. The receipt of the first payment is considered a further confirmation from the guest that the guest has read, understood and accepted the booking conditions.
11.5. Payment must be made by credit card. Payment in cash is not possible.
11.6. If the payment by credit card is not working for any reason (payment method has an issue, any technical problem, etc.), City Pop does not guarantee the booking. City Pop can’t pre-book a Pop for a guest for any reason.
11.7. The information contained in the booking request is used by City Pop as a basis for the fulfilment of City Pop’s obligation to report data to the police and municipal authorities. This City Pop registration does not replace the guest’s own registration with the police and community authorities.
11.8. The guest is hereby informed of the publicly accessible Internet pages of the responsible police and community authorities and is obliged to contact the competent authorities in accordance with the regulations and to fully comply with all reporting obligations and other residence requirements (payment of taxes, SERAFE, etc.). These obligations also apply to the accompaniment and to the supplement – and for replacement guests.
11.9. Failure to comply with the mandatory reporting obligations and the non-fulfilment of any residence requirements by the guest constitute material breaches of contract, which entitles City Pop to the immediate termination of the contract.
11.10. By choosing the Pop using the App, the guest chooses the Pop based on the information provided in the App. The guest is informed and aware that the pictures of the Pop in the App refer to renders or real Pop in the building, but they do not correspond to the exact apartment the guest will withdraw. Some decorative items or furniture arrangement may differ in the de facto assigned Pop.
11.11. For booking in pre-stay (not started yet), the apartment number assigned may vary. The main apartment characteristics (balcony, size, etc.) and the price of the booked apartment will remain unchanged for the entire booking.
11.12. City Pop reserves the right to assign to the guest a different Pop before the check-in, in case the previous assigned Pop is damaged or not accessible due to different reasons. If the new Pop assigned is cheaper than the one assigned previously, City Pop will refund the difference of the price to the guest. If the new Pop assigned is more expensive than the one assigned previously, City Pop will cover the extra costs.
11.13. City Pop reserves the right to provide a replacement accommodation in a hotel or similar accomodation, on the same costs of City Pop, in case a newly opened building has delay in the delivery of the apartments. If the guest does not accept the alternative accommodation, City Pop will refund the unused weeks keeping the booking or in exceptional cases, will refund 100% of the booking by cancelling it.
11.14. It might be that in the city where the booking has been done, the City Tax or further mandatory taxes for tourism apply, basing on the local law. In this case, the guest is obliged to pay in advance the City Tax for night or any further tourism tax. The guest has the right to be exempted if being part of the exempted cases. The guest is hereby informed of the publicly accessible Internet pages of the responsible authority about the exempted cases and about all general information related to the local law for tourism.
11.15. City Pop reserves the right to decline a booking even after the guest received a booking confirmation. The declination of the booking entails a refund of the pre-paid amount.


12.1. The guest will receive a notification by the App with which she/he will perform the self-check-in herself/himself on the day of arrival. In the App or in the specific section of the App, the time from which this self-check-in is possible is listed.
12.2. On arrival in the living space, the guest will receive a checklist via the App or via e-mail, which she/he must check to see if the INVENTORY entrusted to her/him is complete.
12.3. The INVENTORY is the detailed list of all the items provided in the living space and their condition (i.e. furniture + furnishings + textiles + dishes / cutlery + kitchen utensils + utensils, etc.) that City Pop entrusts to the guest and for which the guest is responsible till the end of the booking.
12.4. The guest must follow the check-in procedure, which is to comply through the App or through the digital format provided by City Pop. The guest must follow this procedure within 24 hours from the initial access to the Pop. If the procedure is not completed within 24 hours, the guest agrees to the condition of the Pop and it is assumed that the Pop is complete and free from defects. The guest is responsible for careful use of the living area and for the INVENTORY provided from his/her check-in till the check-out.
12.5. When entering the Pop, the guest must check the inventory and the Pop, and report any discrepancies and/or defects within 24 hours of arrival to City Pop via the app or via e-mail (sending pictures and describing the issue). Discrepancies notified without clear and explicative pictures are not taken into account.
12.6. If for any reason (even the negligence of City Pop) the guest does not have access to the INVENTORY list, he/she must notify City Pop through the App or via e-mail within 24 hours from his/her arrival. If any notification is made and the guest does not check the list of the INVENTORY within 24 hours, he/she agrees to the condition of the Pop and takes responsibility for it from the check-in till the check-out.
12.7. The instructions and check-in procedures are provided to the guest via App or eventually via e-mail. The guest is responsible for ensuring his/her accessibility to this information in order to successfully check-in. In particular: the App must be updated, Smartphone must be loaded or active, ensure there is an Internet connection, and consider all the information provided by City Pop to reach the right location.
12.8. City Pop will provide the guest with the essential information about the location: address, including street, number of the building, CAP of the City, and number of the apartment assigned to the guest. For all other information, the guest is responsible.


13.1. The guest must leave the Pop on the last day of the agreed contract period. It is listed in the App and in the Website what time the guest has to leave the living space.
13.2. For check-out from the living space, the guest receives a procedure via the App or eventually via e-mail. The guest is obliged to inform City Pop of any damage or destruction of the INVENTORY entrusted to him/her prior to departure. The guest must follow and respect all the steps of the check-out procedure. If the guest does not receive or cannot access the check-out procedure, he/she must notify this to City Pop. If no notifications are made, it is assumed that the guest received the check-out procedure and that he/she is informed about the mandatory steps of the check-out.
13.3. Damage to or destruction of the INVENTORY, which exceeds normal wear, and/or damage caused by improper use shall be charged to the guest. The amount of the compensation payable depends on the time value of the damaged or destroyed object(s), according to the amount of the repair costs plus the damage management costs of City Pop. The damages will be charged to the guest’s credit card. If a credit card charge is not possible, the guest will owe City Pop the relevant sum in cash (for which a receipt will be given) or by bank transfer.
13.4. The guest is to clear the Pop completely and must take all their belongings. The inventory taken over upon arrival remains in the living space. The guest disposes of any rubbish independently and at their own expense.
13.5. The final cleaning is at the expense of the guest. It will be shown separately at the time of booking and the cost will be included in the total booking price. If the guest leaves the living space in an excessively dirty state, he/she will have to pay the additional extraordinary cleaning costs.
13.6. If the guest rented a storage box or a parking space, he/she is responbile for emptying the storage box and moving the vehicle. The disposal costs for the items left in the apartment, in the storage box or in the parking spot after the check-out time are charged to the guest.
13.7. After check-out and returning the Pop, City Pop will carry out a control of the Pop and of the inventory. In the case that no damages/missing items are recorded, City Pop will proceed with the refund of the deposit within 30 days from the check-out day. In case of damages/missing items City Pop will retain the proportional amount of the deposit to cover the damage/missing items.

14. Booking price/payment

14.1. The price is calculated daily at the time of booking and depends on the current demand or occupancy.
14.2. The booking must be paid in advance. The Pop cannot, or can no longer be, made available for the guest if the first payment or the subsequent payment(s) are not made according to the booking.
14.3. Payments are due and payable on a 4-weekly basis, always on a Thursday. In the event of an extension, there is potential for fluctuations in the payment recurrence schedule. The due date of the payment can’t be changed.
14.4. If the guest is in arrears with a payment, she/he will be required pay a default interest of 5% per annum from the expiry date. For each reminder, an administrative fee of CHF 20.00 will be charged.
14.5. There is a deposit of CHF 200.00, which serves as collateral for purchased, unpaid services and for any damage to the inventory. The guest owes any additional damage or damage amount in addition, if the amount of the deposit is insufficient or a credit card charge is not possible. The guest can also claim his/her personal liability insurance.
14.6. The entire amount of booking with a duration within four weeks and eight weeks, the deposit and the Final Cleaning are due immediately while booking in order to confirm the booking. Bookings with a duration that exceeds eight weeks, require a prepayment corresponding to eight weeks, to the deposit and to the Final Cleaning, amount that is due during the booking process in order to confirm the booking. The prepayment of eight weeks refers to the payment of the first four weeks and to the last four weeks of the stay. The prepayment mentioned before will confirm the booking and is due immediately in order to confirm the booking.
14.7. The guest must communicate to City Pop any change in the payment method recorded (credit card has expired, credit card is not valid, etc.) or must change the payment method in the App, as soon as the guest knows that the payment method is no longer valid. The communication or the change must be carried out before a payment is due in order to guarantee the successful payment at City Pop.
14.8. If a payment with the credit card is not successful on the due date, City Pop will send an invoice to the guest. The invoice must be paid within one day.
14.9. The transactions made by credit card between the guest and City Pop, are handled by an external operator, who is informed about the recorded credit card credentials of the guest.
14.10. After the first registration of the credit card and authorization through the 3D secure process, the client agrees to future transactions even without 3D authorization and grants City Pop the right to process all transactions related to the booking.

15. Payment arrears

15.1. At the latest from the fourth day after the payment was due, the Pop can be withdrawn.
15.2. After four days, if necessary after two days, after payment was due, or after expiry of the booked and paid duration, City Pop is entitled to enter the living room for eviction, pack any belongings of the guest in KELIX, provide an inventory and damage list containing also the disposal costs (work plus discharge fee) for waste and write-offs, close, block access and re-allocate the Pop for booking by other guests, after necessary preparation. City Pop may, at its discretion, appoint an official if the circumstances warrant it. The costs of the attendant official are to be borne by the guest.
15.3. The guest is obligated – in addition to the usual costs – to cover the additional costs incurred by City Pop in an unscheduled eviction. In particular, the guest is obliged to pay the remaining booking costs (booking price for the remaining, contractually agreed time until the possible booking of the same Pop by another guest, etc.). Also any costs incurred for the involvement of an official, the inventory, any disposal costs and the safekeeping of the things (only items of value) of the guest in the KELIX, or if needed elsewhere, will be charged to the guest and are to be paid by him/her.
15.4. Items of value are objects or documents that appear to be worthy of preservation according to local understanding, according to the autonomous, careful and comprehensible discretion of City Pop.
15.5. The KELIX with the inventoried belongings of the guest is kept for three months. Within this period, the guest can collect his property. As far as a right of retention of the items is legally possible, the release will take place step by step, against payment of the default sum by the guest.
15.6. If the guest does not pick up the stored items after three months, City Pop is entitled to appropriate the items as it sees fit. Before the disposal begins, an e-mail announcing this will be sent to the guest’s last known e-mail address reported by the guest as well as the e-mail address given by the guest as the emergency contact.
15.7. After the expiry of 10 days after the sending of the disposal announcement, City Pop shall be entitled to dispose of the items at its own discretion, e.g. to sell them to any third party or to assume them to be its own property, taking into account the liquidation proceeds or value when calculating the guest’s bill.
15.8. The costs of the liquidation of the items must be borne by the guest. Any residual balance remains due to the guest. City Pop is authorised to dispose of items of negligible value at the guest’s expense. Certificates and other ID documents of the guest are kept for 10 years at the guest’s expense. Afterwards City Pop is entitled, but not obliged, to dispose of testimonials and other ID cards belonging to the guest.

16. Extension of the booking

16.1. Through the “Extend your stay” function in the App, the guest can extend his/her booking in the same Pop, given the condition that the apartment is available in the App for the period that the guest wishes to extend.
16.2. The extended period begins on the check-out date of the original booking.
16.3. City Pop cannot guarantee the extension in the same Pop.
16.4. The booking can be extended for a minimum of one week to a maximum 52 weeks, starting from the check-out date of the original booking.
16.5. Extensions made for a period of one week to eight weeks, must be paid entirely and in advance during the extension process.
16.6. For extensions longer than eight weeks:
16.6.1. If the extension is successful and it is made before the last four weeks begins, according the end of the original booking, the last four weeks already paid in advance during the booking process will shift to the end of the new check-out date.
16.6.2. If the extension is successful and is made during the last four weeks of the original booking, the guest will pay in advance for the first four weeks of the extended period and also the last four weeks of the new booking period.
16.8 Additional comforts
16.8.1 The additional comforts already activated during the original booking, will be automatically added to the extension period.
16.8.2. If the guest wants to cancel the additionals comforts for the extended period, the cancellation terms of the services applies.
16.8.3. During the extension process the client can choose additional comforts. The additional services have the same payment conditions as in the case of a new booking, namely the first four weeks and the last four weeks must be paid in advance.
16.9. City Pop has the right to carry out an intermediate control of the apartment before the extension period begins, even if no check-out happens.
16.10. City Pop has the right to refuse a request for extension, if during the intermediate control City Pop assumes that the guest is treating the Pop inappropriately.
16.11. In order to benefit from the function “Extend your stay” the guest must make sure to have at least version 2.0, or later, of the App.

17. How to join the City Pop Tribe

“How to join the City Pop Tribe” is the internal Code of Conduct regulated by the Pop-rules, in order to ensure a healthy and peaceful guest coexistence. It is designed to facilitate the coexistence of all the members of the Tribe, to maintain the City Pop atmosphere zen and quiet, and to learn how to treat the infrastructures (your Pop and everywhere around and within the City Pop building) carefully and respectfully not only for you, but for all other members that will join us too. By illustrating our easy but precious Pop-rules, we will address them directly to YOU, dear member who has already joined us or who will join us soon!

Being a real City Pop Tribe member means being civilized and considerate to people of different backgrounds and cultures in an atmosphere of mutual respect: amazing things can happen when like-minded people come together!

“How to join the City Pop Tribe” also contains all the information you need to maintain your day-to-day relationships with City Pop and its service staff, as well as all the information you need to manage the activities associated with your stay.

You undertake to electronically confirm the code of conduct “How to join the City Pop Tribe” at the time of booking and to declare that you have understood and agreed to all provisions and to observe the rules, which is also in your own interest. With the confirmation of the booking, “How to join the City Pop Tribe” becomes legally binding.

Substantial or repeated failure to comply with ” How to join the City Pop Tribe ” entitles City Pop to terminate the agreement.

We thank you for embracing our concept and our values, and for following the Pop-rules: your contribution is the most important one! Let’s go! Skip to “How to join the City Pop Tribe”

We want to make sure City Pop always shines: we count on your precious help to use carefully all the installations of City Pop and to leave them as you would like to find them, and especially by following our Pop-rules.
17.1. City Pop Tribe rules
We want to make sure City Pop always shines: we count on your precious help to use carefully all the installations of City Pop and to leave them as you would like to find them, and especially by following our Pop-rules.

17.1.1. We decided on specific and high-quality designs for City Pop. For this reason, there is a ban on changes to the furniture and other furnishings of the living space. Structural changes are strictly prohibited. The furniture must not be altered, or damaged with nails or otherwise. The use of the furniture and the equipment has to be carried out as normal, resulting in normal wear and tear. Pictures, posters, etc. may be hung in the designated places if you wish to bring your personal touch. The hammering of nails in the walls etc. is not permitted.
17.1.2. You are allowed to dispense with individual, movable furnishings and equipment. We advocate a green and recyclable world without waste, so you can hand them over to City Pop if they are not to be used any more after your check-out – only if they can be used further and if City Pop accepts to hand them over. Not using parts of the furniture or the equipment does not entitle you to a price reduction, as City Pop pays for the costs of storage. If you wish to use the returned items, they will be given back to you.
17.1.3. You may bring your own, movable, small furniture items, which may not be permanently mounted or installed in the living room. The small furniture brought in may not damage the existing equipment or remaining furniture.
17.1.4. The permanent installation of satellite dishes or other technical equipment as well as the insertion of further cables is prohibited.
17.1.5. We offer you a Pop which is fully equipped with furniture and inventory: use everything while you are at City Pop, but please, remember that inventory, furniture, upholstery, equipment and household textiles may not be removed from the living space, given away, sold or given to third parties. Their use takes place exclusively together with the living space and/or with activities in the building (e.g. also the gym, the sauna, the solarium etc.).
17.1.6. Something is broken or is not working as it should and you are trying to fix it by yourself? We applaud your manual skills but stop, wait a minute! You do not have to carry out any independent repairs to the living space, to the installations, to the other equipment or to the furniture. You are obliged to report damages and any repairs required to the MPOP and/or to City Pop.
17.1.7. Do you like to find a common space clean and ready to use? So do we! When using all the common spaces of the City Pop building, please do it with care and clean up, after private parties or events requiring simultaneous use by more than one person.
17.1.8. We thank you for taking care of your Pop and all the common spaces of City Pop with common sense, following the specific rules mentioned in the Terms of use, in this term and on place.
17.2.Obligation to consider other guests
17.2.1. First rule of respect by City Pop: claiming respect for yourself from others, means having respect for others first.
17.2.2. Noise
17.2.3. We all love music! Rock, Pop, classical music… to everyone his/her own passion! But we agree with you: sound reproduction devices of any kind are to be operated in the living spaces at the customary domestic noise level. Common areas may not be used for the operation of sound reproduction equipment, not for private concerts, not for other performances and not for private parties with exclusive groups of persons (except for the organisational availability booking of the common room as ONDE). Multi-person singing events or band rehearsals in the living spaces are not permitted.
17.2.4. You are a musician, and we are so proud that you are part of our Tribe. We love to embrace different cultures and musicianship. But to respect the peace and quiet of everyone, playing music with any kind of musical instruments is not permitted. Amplifier systems for musical instruments are not allowed to be used in the living spaces. Private singing is equivalent to making music with musical instruments.
17.2.5. We know how much the hours of sleep are precious: even at City Pop, from 9pm to 8am, the legal requirement for quiet at night applies. During the night, the use of the living space should be limited according to the requirement of consideration. Only correspondingly quiet multi-person events (private parties and invitations, etc.) may be held, and sound reproduction devices must be used only in a correspondingly quiet setting. The active playing of musical instruments is prohibited during this time. Guests are advised that the nightly period of quiet can be enforced by the police and that the police can be called in by the local custom to enforce a night’s sleep without the involvement of City Pop.
17.2.6. City Pop aims to be a zen and quiet place for every member of the Tribe. You must avoid any actions that will disturb, such as slamming doors, talking out loud in common areas or in your Pop, etc. City Pop reserves the right to take action if these rules are not respected.
17.2.7. Bad smells
17.2.8. For security reasons and out of respect for all non-smokers living at City Pop, smoking in the living rooms and on the balconies is prohibited. Barbecuing is also prohibited on the balconies or in outside areas. We know barbecuing is good fun but there are many wonderful places out there where preparing a barbecue is cooler!
17.2.9. When preparing odour-intensive meals, the living space must be adequately ventilated each time so that the aromas do not settle in the fittings. Ventilation by opening the entrance door must be avoided, so that the general areas are not affected by odour emissions.
17.3. Appropriate operation of living space, installations, furniture and equipment
17.3.1. All items provided are to be used according to their purpose. Damage must be prevented as far as this is within your power!
17.3.2. Open fires in the living room, on balconies or in the general area are strictly prohibited. Excluded from this rule are candles – maybe for your romantic evening or at Christmas – which may be and must remain lit only in your presence. You will be held responsible for any negligence.
17.3.3. The operation of additional, private radiators of any kind is prohibited. To reduce any kind of wasted energy, windows should not be kept permanently open during the heating season and should not be permanently tilted.
17.3.4. Before using electrical devices, check if they are suitable for the national voltage of 220 to 230 volts and that they have a safety seal of a globally recognised organisation (e.g. “CE”). If not, stop! Do not use them.
17.3.5. You cannot make any electro-technical changes to the sockets and other electrical installations. If a plug does not fit, use a mobile adapter plug (use the City Pop ones, even better!). If you are not following our suggestions, you are fully liable for any damage caused by failure to comply with these regulations.
17.3.6. Sun protection systems are not to be used in bad weather.
17.3.7. For security reasons and to avoid bad smells, the storage of objects, clothing, shoes, racks, waste, sports equipment, etc. in the public areas, especially in front of the front door or in the corridors, or on the balcony is prohibited.
17.3.8. The guest is responsible for proper cleaning and simple maintenance of the drains (clean and unclog shower, sink, etc.). The disposal of solids, such as leftovers, hygiene articles, wet wipes etc., through the toilet or other siphons is strictly prohibited. The costs for any work needed to solve problems due to improper use or lack of simple maintenance as described at this point, will be borne entirely by the guest who assumed the improper behaviour and thus caused the problem (clogging of ducts, etc.).
17.3.9. The use of the lift system must be carried out according to the conditions listed in the lifts. Lifts are used for passenger and material transport and are not for entertainment: they are also good looking at City Pop, we just like beautiful things for you and we count on your support to keep them always nice. The emergency call installation in the lifts may only be used in case of emergency. Heavy transport or the transport of large goods in the lifts is not allowed. You are liable for damages to lifts due to improper or prohibited use.
3.10. Any damage to your Pop, to the common areas or to the installations, will be charged to you proportionally to the costs and eventual administration fee that City Pop might have
17.4. Moisture
17.4.1. You must follow the safeguarding rules that are to be undertaken daily or, when necessary, as ventilation and regeneration of the air in the living space is essential in order to avoid the formation of mould in the apartment.
17.4.2. The residual moisture caused by the operation of the wet cells or by boiling is to be removed by intensive daily ventilation. Intensive ventilation means the complete opening of all windows (but not the front door) for five to a maximum of 10 minutes, three times a day.
17.4.3. You are responsible for the formation of mould in your apartment if the specified safeguard rules are not observed or if the mould is caused by careless use of the living space. In that case you will bear the costs if damages occur and if reparation or replacements are needed.
17.5. Waste management
17.5.1. Waste disposal and the provision of garbage bags are your responsibility.
17.5.2. Depending on the location of City Pop, only official, paid-for garbage bags may be used: buy them in the main grocery stores of the city or in the appropriate sales centres. Only official, payable garbage bags may be deposited (if supplied) in the container systems of City Pop. If not supplied by City Pop, you must dispose of all the waste in the crop centres managed by the City where City Pop is located.
17.5.3. There are State-run, free collection points for valuables such as glass, metal, waste oil, etc. For more information and explanations, please visit the appropriate community websites and contribute with green and respectful behaviour for our environment and beautiful world. There is no Planet B.
17.5.4. The garbage bins supplied by City Pop internally at the buildings are only meant for the waste accumulated in the specific location where the waste bin is located, and not for your personal waste accumulated in your Pop.
17.5.5. Leaving garbage bags or waste of any type within the building (floors, common areas, etc.) or external to the building (garden, entrance, etc.) of City Pop is not allowed and is subject to a sanction.
17.5.6. City Pop provides a basic guideline about the waste of management that applies in your City Pop building: if you need more information, it is your responsibility to obtain information from get informed through the competent authority.
17.6. Reporting and rectification of damages and defects
17.6.1. If you observe defects and other damages to be remedied, you are required to report it to the housekeeping of your building or to the Customer Care of City Pop, who is responsible for the organisation and monitoring of the rectification of defects, and is responsible for claims management.
17.6.2. Lighting and technical installations will be replaced by City Pop free of charge unless you are responsible for defects resulting from misuse or intentional damage.
17.6.3. For larger repairs in the living space, City Pop will take appropriate measures to maintain service delivery. For minor defects and repairs, which can be corrected in accordance with the current state-of-the-art, there can be no claim by you for price reduction or compensation. See the terms in the Terms and Conditions.
17.7. Pet prohibition
17.7.1. City Pop is a real fan of pets. Even so, keeping pets is prohibited. There is no entitlement to the grant of an exception.
17.7.2. If you keep a pet contrary to the contract, which leads among other things to noise or odour nuisance for the other guests and/or to multiple use or damage to the living space, this represents a fundamental breach of contract, which authorises City Pop to terminate the contract immediately. In other cases, you have to remedy the situation within a reasonable period in order to fullfil the contract as agreed.
17.8.Security in the building
The building does not have specially trained security personnel who could be contacted in an emergency. Therefore, the following applies:
17.8.1. In the case of criminal incidents (break-ins, threats, etc.), immediately and directly call the local police on the emergency number. City Pop must be notified via the App or E-mail.
17.8.2. In the case of fire, the local fire brigade must be informed immediately on the emergency number. City Pop must be informed via the App or Email. Your own efforts to extinguish the fire are only to be undertaken in the event of a trivial incident where there is no security risk for the guest and/or the other guests. In case of doubt, call the fire department.
17.8.3. In the case of medical emergencies, life-saving measures must be initiated immediately, and the local medical service must be contacted by telephone. City Pop is then to be informed via the App or Email.
17.8.4. The front door is locked 24 hours a day so that unauthorised third parties have no access. Access to the building is only possible by using the badge or the App and is not monitored by City Pop personnel.
17.8.5. We are not the “Big Brother”. The existing monitoring systems allow, inter alia, for data and privacy reasons, neither a monitoring of all general areas, nor a permanent storage of recordings. You acknowledge and agree that the existing security systems will be operated.
17.8.6. In the following cases, zero tolerance applies: trade and use of drugs and illicit substances, arms trafficking, money laundering or counterfeiting activities, commercial activities with a sexual background or any commercial activities. Within the zero tolerance cases are also included all, considered by City Pop, inappropriate behaviours or situations occurred on, or close, to the property of City Pop locations (internally and externally). The inappropriate behaviours can be caused by any reason or by alcohol abuse, drug abuse, medication abuse, mental disorders, etc.
If there are any signs of these zero tolerance activities, City Pop will call the police. Guests and visitors involved in such zero tolerance activities will be removed from the building immediately. There is no claim for reimbursement. City Pop will create the final bill as if the respective guest had voluntarily left the living space early. The designated guest owes City Pop any remaining balance and compensation according to the final statement, including any costs incurred by the authorities.
17.8.7. City Pop reserves the right to control the security system in case of damage to the building (within or outside, damage to other guest or similar cases, etc.).
17.9. Events organised by City Pop for the Tribe
17.9.1. City Pop organises events for all the members of the Tribe. If explicitly stated, your friends and family members are also more than welcome to take part.
17.9.2. City Pop invites you and all the members through newsletters, flyers on place or posts on social media. If you want to participate, do not forget to subscribe!
17.9.3. City Pop declines any liability (even in the case of negligence) for direct, indirect or consequential damages suffered or caused by you or by your friends/family members during an event organised by City Pop.
17.9.4 By taking part to the events organised for the Tribe, any participant agrees to eventually be included in videos and pictures taken for marketing materials. The main guest is responsible to inform the additional guests about this point. The marketing material might be also uploaded to our official social media channels, Website, App or any marketing material created by City Pop
17.10. Lost or damaged items
17.10.1. City Pop declines all responsibility for any loss of items of City Pop’s property or of your own property, in your Pop, within the building or outside the building (clothes in the laundry space, any kind of mail, key provided to you, etc.).
17.10.2. City Pop declines all responsibility for any damaged items of City Pop’s property or of your own property, in your Pop, within the building or outside the building (washed and dried clothes in the laundry space, items stocked in the storage box, parked vehicle, etc.).
17.10.3. If the City Pop Team finds an item that is referable to you, it will take care to return it to you and will contact you.
17.10.4. You are liable – if necessary, through your insurance policy taken out externally with City Pop – for any costs arising from the loss or damage to an item owned by City Pop or your property.
17.11. Updates to our Policy
From time to time, to ensure that our Policy is always correct and up to date, we will modify it when there is a change in this Code of Conduct. Any new version will be available on our Website or mobile App and shall take effect from the date of such posting.
17.12. Applicable law and jurisdiction
17.12.1. Applicable law. Exclusively the law of the country where the City Pop building operates is applicable and will apply to all matters according to the use of the mobile App or Website of City Pop.
17.12.2. Jurisdiction. Exclusive and sole place of jurisdiction worldwide are the courts of the City in which the City Pop building operates. If proceedings are brought in other jurisdictions, no defence will be offered. Arbitration tribunals and other alternative litigation procedures are expressly excluded.
12.3. Should City Pop incur costs as a result of unauthorised claims by the guest at other places of jurisdiction, at arbitration tribunals or other alternative litigation, the guest is obliged to fully pay all costs incurred in connection therewith, regardless of the cost regulation provisions of the other, inadmissible procedure.

18. Guest liability

18.1. The guest is liable for damages caused by careless, improper or contractually adverse use of the living space, the inventory, the equipment or the generally available facilities or installations by him/her. Liability applies both to the damage to property (repair costs for correcting the defect) and to the administrative costs incurred (organisation and monitoring of the defect’s rectification), the latter at cost price.
18.2. The guest is liable for damage to property or property of third parties, which happen in the building.
18.3. The guest and the eventual additional guest are liable for all the taxes entitled to them, that are not included in the service of City Pop but depends on the registration in the city or in the country (Serafe, ECA, etc.).

19. City Pop’s liability

19.1. City Pop is liable within the scope of its own services exclusively for its own, grossly negligent behaviour. In particular, City Pop is not liable in cases of force majeure.
19.2. However, City Pop is not liable for problems with access to the building, in the context of the standard local, possibly even extreme weather conditions (snow, ice, hail, heavy rain, etc.), since the guarantee of safe use at any time cannot be guaranteed, and also the personal, weather-adequate equipment of guests and the degree of familiarisation of guests with the local climate can vary greatly.
19.3. City Pop insures its own liability risks under customary conditions.
19.4. City Pop strives to provide the promised services properly. No compensation is due for a temporary, minor restriction of use of the living space, the general rooms and installations, inventory and equipment, if the troubleshooting and problem solving occurs in a timely and customary manner. For heating or warm water issues, City Pop is required to resolve the issue within 24 hours or to arrange a temporary replacement after 24 hours at the latest.
19.5. If an included comfort, despite the problem being dealt with in a manner that conforms to local standards in terms of time and content, is unavailable for a long period, the guest is entitled to a discount only for the period of the loss of use, in the framework of the City Pop’s price calculation. Any further compensation will not be owed.
19.6. Should a charge-based additional comfort be temporarily unavailable, City Pop is not liable. Should an additional comfort be unavailable for a longer period, City Pop shall be liable to the extent of the costs of the one that has already been ordered and paid for, unless the customer has entered into a contract with the supplier of the additional comfort. City Pop strives to keep the additional comforts available, but cannot guarantee it. The liability for the comforts, which was agreed directly between the guest and the supplier of them, is exclusively based on the provisions of the supplier of the comfort in question. Any City Pop collection or billing services under the additional comfort provided by third parties do not result in City Pop being liable for the comforts rendered or for damage caused to third parties as a result of the provision of comforts by the third party.
19.7. City Pop excludes liability for auxiliary persons to the extent permitted by law. City Pop takes care of the proper selection, instruction and supervision of its staff, in line with legal requirements.
19.8. In the event of the above agreements, City Pop shall be liable for at most the damage directly to the guest, i.e. not for indirect, further damages, nor for types of damage not typical locally and not covered by Swiss law, such as loss of enjoyment or multiple punitive damages with penalties and the like.
19.9. This limitation of liability is subject to the mandatory statutory provisions of Swiss law, substantive law, to the exclusion of international private law and to the exclusion of state contract law which is subject to the party’s position.
19.10. City Pop is not liable for loss or theft of the guest’s property, unless the loss or theft has been proven to be caused by poor service on the part of City Pop. The guest is required to keep his/her valuables in a locked cupboard, especially if she/he is not in the living room at the time when services are provided. The guest makes sure that he has adequately insured high value items, and/or has protected against access by unauthorised persons.
19.11. Insofar as City Pop is liable, this is limited to the amount of CHF 1,000.00 per claim.
19.12. The measures to ensure the safety of persons and property are within the customary framework and do not include, for data and privacy reasons, complete monitoring of passenger movement in the building.

20. Completeness of the booking conditions / Deviating agreements

20.1. The regulations valid for the booking result conclusively from the object description, from the information in the booking request, from the booking confirmation, from these terms and conditions as well as from the respectively compelling applicable legal regulations. Other provisions do not apply. In addition, there are no verbal agreements, and these are not permitted.
20.2. If the guest desires special conditions and/or deviations from these terms and conditions, these are to be agreed with City Pop specifically and expressly.
20.3. Any changes and additions to the regulations and the agreements made must be made at least in electronic form. Electronic written form means a printable, two-sided correspondence, from which the concurrent will of the guest and City Pop is clear.
20.4. City Pop and/or the Mr. Pop are entitled to warn the guest, within the framework of the regulations, agreements and legal provisions, to comply with them and to issue corresponding instructions (right of instruction / house rules / code of conduct, etc.).
20.5. For special, additional agreements with the guest in individual cases, the requirement for at least the electronic written form applies, which must include the express acceptance and confirmation by City Pop. Acceptance by silence is explicitly excluded.

21. Unscheduled gaps in regulations and contract terms

Should it become apparent during the booking period that a legally relevant issue was not, or not adequately, regulated, or if a provision originally or subsequently does not prove to be legally feasible, the filling of the gap will be done primarily in analogy to the provisions already made and the economic intent and purpose. The sense and spirit of the previous booking and the associated regulations and agreements made are to be preserved as far as possible. The highest guideline is an appropriate, substitute, universally applicable, but also fair in a concrete individual case, solution that is appropriate for the operating concept of City Pop.

22. City Pop App

22.1. City Pop operates and offers all the services through the mobile App called “City Pop”.
22.2. The guest must carry out all the functions through the App, among which are: obtain more information about the availability of the Pops, prices, characteristics of the Pop, booking an apartment (included its payments), additional comforts (included in their payments).
22.3. By downloading, browsing, and accessing or using the City Pop App, the guest agrees and accepts its Privacy Policy.
22.4 For using the City Pop, the guest needs an Internet connection. Adequate connectivity must be guaranteed by the guests’ telecommunication provider as this is not guaranteed by City Pop.
22.5. The guest agrees that City Pop will send notifications or messages through the App regarding the bookings or booked comforts.
22.6. City Pop is committed to solving display and operation errors as soon as they are notified. However, City Pop cannot guarantee that the City Pop App will be free of errors. In this case, City Pop does not accept liability for these errors. All errors or faults should be reported to the Customer Care of City Pop in order to be solved as soon as possible.
22.7. City Pop cannot guarantee that the operation of the City Pop App (for all the functions) will always be uninterrupted and accessible. It might happen that some functions are suspended or restricted at any time or some messages/notifications are not transmitted as they should be; however, City Pop will try to provide an uninterrupted access to all the functions of the App.
22.8. City Pop cannot guarantee that the City Pop App is free from viruses or anything else that may damage or affect any technology.
22.9. City Pop reserves the right to change, add or cancel at any time without notice, any information or functions of the App.
22.10. City Pop reserves the right to suspend the use of the App if City Pop believes that a guest or user has committed any breach of these Terms and Conditions or that a guest or user has committed any fraud against us or any person.
22.11. All the contents of the App are protected by copyrights laws, and belong exclusively to City Pop. All the contents may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, published, unless expressly permitted by us.
22.12 We reserve the right to change or modify at any time contents, information, services, prices, pictures, etc. in the App without notice. City Pop does not assume any responsibility for errors or changes in the contents of the App.

23. Applicable law

23.1 The guest agrees that the booking is purely digitally confirmed and processed. There is no requirement for a written copy and signature on the booking. If the guest or City Pop needs a written and signed copy for official or other, well-founded purposes (e.g. for payment purposes), such will be created by way of exception. If possible and permissible, the parties will endeavour to provide legally binding evidence through the use of electronic signatures.
23.2. Applicable law
Exclusively the law of the country where the City Pop building operates is applicable and will apply to all matters involving the use of the App.
23.3. Jurisdiction
Exclusive and sole place of jurisdiction worldwide are the courts of the City in which the City Pop building operates. If proceedings are brought in other jurisdictions, no defence will be offered. Arbitration tribunals and other alternative litigation procedures are expressly excluded.
23.4. Should City Pop incur costs as a result of unauthorised claims by the guest at other places of jurisdiction, at arbitration tribunals or other alternative litigation, the guest is obliged to fully pay all costs incurred in connection therewith, regardless of the cost regulation provisions of the other, inadmissible procedure.

24. Updates to our Terms and Conditions

From time to time, to ensure that our Terms and Conditions are always correct and up to date, we reserve the right to change or modify the content of these Terms. Any new version will be available on our Webiste or mobile application and shall take effect from the date of such posting.