General info

What is City Pop?
Where are the City Pop located?
Who is City Pop for?
For how long can I stay in a City Pop?
How big are the Pops?
Is smoking in the Pops permitted?
Are pets inside the Pops allowed?
Are the Pops wheelchair accessible?


Which comforts are included in City Pop?
Which are the on-demand comforts?
How do I book for a comfort?
How often does my Pop get cleaned?
How do I receive my mail?
Do the Pops have Wi-Fi access?
Is there parking available?


How do I book my Pop?
Can I modify or cancel my reservation?
Is it possible to extend my stay in the same Pop?
At what time is the check-in?
How do I check-in?
At what time is check-out?
How do I check-out?

The App

What is the City Pop App for? Do I need the App for my stay?
I’ve lost my phone or my phone is out of battery. How do I enter the Pop?

Payment & Conditions

Do I need to pay online for my booking?
What kind of credit cards does City Pop accept?
Do I have to pay a security deposit or caution?
Will I receive a confirmation of my stay for administrative procedures?
After the first prepayment which confirmed my booking, how will I pay the next weeks of my stay?
I want to change my payment method: how can I do it?
When will I get the deposit refund?