General info

What is City Pop?
Where are the City Pop located?
Who is City Pop for?
For how long can I stay in a City Pop?
How big are the Pops?
Is smoking in the Pops permitted?
Are pets inside the Pops allowed?
Are the Pops wheelchair accessible?
Is it possible to visit a Pop before booking?


Which comforts are included in City Pop?
Which are the on-demand comforts?
How do I book for a comfort?
Is a cleaning service included?
Do the Pops have Wi-Fi access?
Is there parking available?
How does the laundry comfort work?


How do I book my Pop?
Can I modify or cancel my reservation?
Is it possible to extend my stay in the same Pop?
At what time is the check-in?
How do I check-in?
At what time is check-out?
How do I check-out?
How do I register an additional guest?
Additional guest: what is included?

The App

What is the City Pop App for? Do I need the App for my stay?
I’ve lost my phone or my phone is out of battery. How do I enter the Pop?

Payment & Conditions

How do I pay my booking?
Which kind of payment methods can I use to pay?
How does the first payment work?
After the first prepayment which confirmed my booking, how will I pay the next weeks of my stay?
What is the deposit of 200CHF for?
When will I get the deposit refund?
I want to change my payment method: how can I do it?
Where do I find the hiystorical of my payments?

Registration & Mail

How do I receive my mail?
Will I receive a confirmation of my stay for administrative procedures?
Will my additional guest also receive mail and the confirmation of stay?